Social Media

“80% of consumers perform research online, before making the purchase of a product or service.”

What Is Social Media?

Social media is a powerful tool for internet marketing. Netwirks will help you establish goals for your social media marketing and use specialized techniques to reach those goals. These goals may include generating leads, strengthening relationships with your current customers, or creating a community for you and your followers.

To reach your goal, a combination of strategies are formulated. A few examples of strategies would include consideration of which social networking services to use/avoid, engaging with followers or creating discounts and promotions. From there, Netwirks will know what tactics will best leverage social media for your business. Creating check-in deals, posting photos, hosting contests and sharing information are just a few of the many tactics we would use as a part of our package. Real-time customer service—responding to feedback and answering questions in virtually real-time—is one of the best parts of social media marketing. Our team will work with you from the beginning and maintain communication to help your company grow, respond to specific questions, and keep content fresh.

Benefits of Social Media

  • Offer Deals and Discounts
  • Reveal New Products or Services
  • Educate your Customers
  • Interact with your Customers
  • Organize Events
  • Strengthen your Brand
  • Create Buzz about your Business
  • Generate Natural Backlinks
  • Improve Referrals
Social Media Optimization

Social Media Design

  • Initial Setup of Profiles
  • Branding of Logo
  • Integration of Photos & Content

Social Media Consulting

  • Posting Tips & Techniques
  • Social Resources
  • Customer Engagement

Social Media Tools

  • Promotions & Contests
  • Creation, Automation & Organization
  • Social Analytics & Reporting
15 Most Popular Social Media Platforms

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. YouTube
  5. Pinterest
  6. Google+
  7. LinkedIn
  8. Vine
  9. Snapchat
  10. Tumblr
  11. Flickr
  12. Reddit
  14. Foursquare
  15. Flixster