“80% of consumers perform research online, before making the purchase of a product or service.”

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the method to improve your internet rankings in the organic area of search engine results. Studies show that the organic section of search results are clicked on more than the sponsored links section. To learn more, contact a Netwirks representative today.

What Your Web Visitors See

What you and your web visitors see is different than what a search engine sees. Just because a page has been well designed does not necessarily mean that it has been optimized for a search engine. Search engine optimization is a whole other entity in itself.

What Search Engines See

The code of a web page can be seen by viewing the Page Source. It’s not quite as appealing as the design view but plays a significant role in SEO and people finding your website.

Benefits Of SEO

  • Improves website visibility
  • Develops your brand and reputation
  • Increases leads to your business
  • Continues to work for your business after your service ends
Onsite SEO

After extensive trial and error, we have identified the most important features of a web page that search engines look at. These features are refined to clarify what your website is about. Improved rankings produce more visitors to your website and will ultimately generate more leads to your business.

Offsite SEO & Linkbuilding

Netwirks uses pure white hat methods of online marketing by generating websites, content and articles that people will naturally want to link to and share with other businesses, communities, family and friends.

Original Content Writing

Content writers and developers work together to create original keyword rich and engaging articles that your customers will enjoy reading. This original content is then shared across multiple social and email marketing platforms, which is also commonly referred to as Content Marketing.

Press Releases

Creating and distributing news about your company across the internet. Stay tuned or contact us for more information on what a press release is, the process of creating one, and how it is beneficial to your company.

Website Updates

Every SEO package includes photo and text updates to your website, which not only improves the look of your website, but helps to increase rankings. Talk to a consultant for more information on updates to your website.

Consistent Meetings

By meeting with our clients on a regular basis, we can truly understand their industry and their marketing goals and address any needs or concerns. Regular meetings will also keep you educated with any new online advertising trends.

Detailed Reporting

SEO and rankings unfortunately are not guaranteed. Detailed reporting measures the success and failure of the current internet marketing strategies at hand and allows us to make recommendations that will benefit the presence of the business online.

Time Tracking

Recording and tracking is necessary for any business today. The latest project management and time tracking tools allow us to achieve a fair cost for ourselves as well as the client. Time tracking reports can be provided upon request.

Why Do I Need Local Map Optimization?

Since search engines are the #1 source for consumers to find a local business, it is critical to have maximum front-page presence. Search engine maps help your business be found.

Benefits of Local Map Optimization

  • Improve local rankings
  • Increase website visibility to local customers
  • Share reviews about your business
  • Provide directions to customers
  • Establishes trust & credibility
Local Map Optimization Includes

  • Verification Of Your Listing
  • Completion Of Your Profile
  • Keyword Enrichment
  • Addition Of Photos To Your Listing
  • Addition Of Videos To Listing
  • Review Generation
What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the term used to improve your website rankings in the organic area of search results. Studies show that the organic section of search results are clicked on more than the sponsored links sections.

Who uses SEO?

Many companies use SEO to improve the visibility of their website. Dentists, lawyers, restaurants, furniture stores, appliance stores, theater installers, printing companies, automotive sales and many more businesses use SEO to improve leads and sales to their business.

When will SEO starting working for my company?

Depending on the keyword competition of your industry, it can take anywhere from a month to a year to start seeing results and increased leads to your business. We’ll let you know the competition and cost of SEO in your industry before we begin any work on your website.

Where will SEO place my website on a search results page?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, will place your website in the organic area of a search engine results page for many keyword phrases. Unlike SEO from other companies, SEO performed by Netwirks will put your website on all 3 major search engines for the keyword phrases that will make your business the most money.

Why should I use SEO?

SEO will increase the search engine rankings and visibility of your website on the internet. Combined with our web design service, you will see an increase to the amount of email and phone call leads to your business. SEO will continue working for your business long after you have purchased the service.